There are are many just getting into combat sports such and martial arts and now need to buy their gear they need and are excited to throw some strikes on punching bags or even their friends. Purchasing your first pair boxing or MMA gloves can be quite daunting, “what is the right apparel for me?” They are an essential part of the training for these sports and having at least one or two reliable pairs of gloves is one of the first steps one must take. There are a variety of styles of gloves and it can be confusing.

This is especially true if you weren’t aware that there are some major differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves they have different core systems etc.. For example, 10 oz. MMA gloves and 16 oz. boxing gloves are very different. They are designed for different sports entirely. Let’s take a closer look at these differences.


One of the first major differences that you will notice is the padding. Boxing gloves tend to have quite a thicker padding, and some of them will weigh 16 oz. or more. MMA gloves don’t have as much padding, and they are lighter. Even though punches are certainly thrown in these matches, so are kicks, and grappling happens in just about every fight. The gloves for MMA fighters need to be able to accommodate that, as well.


This next major difference is the shape of the gloves. Boxing gloves cover the the entire hand, more like mittens. All of the fingers are in the main padded area of the glove, while the thumb has its own separate space.

MMA gloves are more like actual fingerless gloves. They keep each finger separate and supported, and they leave parts of the fingers exposed. The reason for this is the difference in the way that the sports. Unlike boxing, in MMA, you need to make sure that your hands are as dexterous as possible. They will be used for grabbing and grappling, so they need to have freedom of movement.

We require students to have MMA gloves for general Muay Thai & MMA classes, so they can train properly. This goes for shin pads too, one can’t be sparring bare-shinned. It just would not be safe for anyone. And we want you to have the best experience possible.

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