It’s that time again, our QW kids have been working tirelessly and progressing in their martial arts journeys’ and now it’s time for them to be rewarded for their hard work. Kids BJJ Grading Day is set to take place on Saturday 29 June. This is set to be our biggest grading day yet with 14 of our students ready to level up. But, before then; they will still need to teach their respective classes and complete their ‘death rolls’ with their peers.
QW presents the next seminar in our series; :Grappling in a Weapons-Based Environment on the Ground”. In this seminar, Richie Quan & Norman Wessels will teach you how to effectively control your environment on the ground with the additional element of various weapons. Learn how to retain your weapon, disarm attackers, and more.
We can’t wait to get the QW comp season started. Come test your mettle and gain valuable experience in a fun and safe environment. Open to all QW and affiliate members.
Build confidence in movement, the clinch & in weapon-based environments. Open to all skill levels, women & men; including those who are new to weapon ownership or do not own firearms (yet).
Every year, Professors Richie Quan and Norman Wessels will host a series of Super Seminars here at QuanWessels, that are open to everyone. Each seminar will have a theme that will be covered in incredible detail. Join us for a practical and insightful experience that will enhance your skills. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from in a straightforward and focused setting.
We are excited to announce our first kids’ BJJ grading at our new facility in Sunninghill. Join us in celebrating these young martial artists as they progress on their journeys earning their new belts.
We are excited to announce our upcoming Belt Promotion and Grading Ceremony.
We trust everyone is taking advantage of the last few days of holidays (for those who haven’t already returned to work). We have an action-packed 2024 planned. To help make everyone’s life a bit easier and to prepare accordingly so you don’t miss out on any events. We present our 2024 events calendar filled with gradings, competitions, seminars, and more. Not everything is foreseeable and some things might change as the year progresses, but fear not; we will update the calendar as that happens. 
We hope you have been enjoying your holidays and feel rested and excited for the new year. We bet you are itching to get back onto the mats, as we are excited to have you back. While you have been resting, we have been working on an updated schedule which we feel will fit all our needs better .The full schedule is below, however, here is a quick look at what has changed.
The December holidays are coming, and while many of our tribe members are away, there are many of you still in town and want to keep training and learning. Check out our reduced holiday class schedule. As indicated on the schedule, there will be 10 rounds at 10am almost every day. However, there will be a fundamentals Kids BJJ Class now almost daily at 4:30pm-5:30pm followed by an adults 4:30-5:30pm fundamentals BJJ class. 
It is our favourite time of the year again. When several of our Tribe members will face the darkness of +-3 hours of rolling in their death rolls and emerge out the other side. A new person with their new coloured belt. 
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt gradings are taken super seriously here QuanWessels Martial Arts Academy. 2 of our standout athletes have recently been graded to purpose belt after tremendous performances in various events. Raymond “Razor” Acutt & Monique “Mouse” van Staden. Watch them receivign the belts in the last few weeks below.]
The second leg in our in-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2023 events season. We are switching to no Gi to keep momentum running
On 5 September, Chad Hanekom makes his UFC debut on the Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. It has been a long road for Chad to get to this point and it is his time to put himself and South African MMA on the map. Watch the latest QW Diaries featuring Chad and some of his training partners.
Build confidence in movement, the clinch & in weapon-based environments. Open to all skill levels, women & men; including those who are new to weapon ownership or do not own firearms (yet).
As many of you know a Tribe member of ours, Armandt van den Berg was recently in a severe bike accident that has seen him in hospital for over a month now. While he is making steady progress on his long road to recovery, his family has mounting medical costs. They have launched a Back-A-Buddy campaign which you can donate to.
The first leg in our in-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2023 events season. We begin in the gi to kick things off.
Joining a new gym or sport can be daunting; especially if it is something you have never taken part in before. At QuanWessels, we aim to be as family-friendly and welcoming as possible and so have begun a series of videos to help explain the processes, protocols, and cultures within our walls and on our mats in order to smoothen your first few times training.
It was another successful tournament at Submission Kings’ first gi event last weekend for team QuanWessels. All 5 team members claimed gold in their respective divisions.
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