As you are aware now, we have started our baby champs class at 3:30pm on weekdays this year. This class has been steadily growing in size with both new students and others moving across from the later class. This class is specifically designed for younger kids from 3-7 years of age. They will still come at the same time at 8am on Saturdays.

From 1 July, the 4:15pm Baby Champs class will be no longer and all students from that class will need to move to the earlier slot at 3:30pm. There are many reasons for this, but primarily it will allow us to provide a quieter, more focused and specific experience for the younglings; allowing us to in-still the necessary skills for them to progress in their martial arts journeys’. We are also able to provide a much higher ratio of coaches to kids with the new time slot; thus the kids get much more attention to help them learn.

The Junior Champs (Ages 7-9) and teens classes will continue as usual at 4:15pm with more space.

Please note, that we know some of the baby champs have been partaking in back-to-back sessions in recent weeks; this will not be possible or allowed going forward.

Please come chat to myself or Chef should you have any queries or concerns that we can attend to regarding this change in the kids’ class schedule. We will always strive to provide the best possible training environment for our community and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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