Membership Terms & Conditions

1. As a committed member on the 12 Month Agreement, my fee will remain unchanged for the year. On expiry, my membership will automatically renew. 

2. A month’s (30 days) written notice is required to terminate your membership with QuanWessels. I understand that if I terminate my membership during the year agreement, and re-join again, will I be held liable to pay the registration/admin fee again.

3. I acknowledge I will be held liable for monthly payments even if I/my child(ren) do not attend classes. Members that have signed the annual membership agreement must abide by the agreement conditions.

4. PAUSING OF CONTRACTS – Injury or Illness. Should you have sustained an injury/or illness, and your absence is supported by a medical certificate, and expected recuperation will take one calender month or more, will your membership be frozen at a rate of R150 per month.

5. PAUSING OF CONTRACTS – Other. Should you wish to pause your membership for any other reasons, other than illness, i.e. holiday, etc, and your absence will be at least a calendar month, then your membership will be frozen at a rate of R250 per month.

6. I am aware that there are ONLY three payment arrangements, namely monthly via recurring Payfast Payment; direct Debit Order or 3/6 monthly non-refundable advance payments via cash, card or EFT

7. VAT Inclusive Membership fees are payable monthly in advance, and may be subject to an annual 10% increase.

8. I understand that if my Debit Order or Payfast payment fails, I shall be held liable for an additional 10% administrative penalty.

9. Kindly note: Failed monthly payments which remain unpaid by the last day of the month to which the membership fee applies, will be handed over for collection, and you may incur additional collection charges.

10. Continued fails will result in the Debit order or Payfast payment arrangement being terminated, and a minimum of 3 monthly non-refundable cash advance payment arrangements being implemented.

11. QuanWessels will be running a minimized schedule over the December period and will be closed for part of the month. Dates, times, and schedules will be confirmed during November.

12. I am aware that I remain liable for monthly payments over the Christmas and New Year period and that the same rule applies for termination of membership over this period.

13. I am aware of the physical nature of QuanWessels exercises and training. I am physically and mentally fit to participate in any course of Martial Arts/Workout instruction and free of any communicable/infectious diseases, which will endanger my health or the health of other members

14. QuanWessels training will involve sparring and physical contact with others which may result in personal injury (both mental and physical) or even death. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold QuanWessels and its directors, officers, employees, and other Related Parties harmless from and against any/all actions, suits, claims, demands, causes of action, proceedings, losses, costs, expenses including, without limitation, all attorney fees and disbursements, damages, liability, and fines or penalties, in any way arising out of, or relating to, connected with directly or indirectly, the use of the Premises regardless of whether there is active or passive negligence or fault on the part of the QuanWessels academy, and any other Released Parties.

15. If I should develop any medical problems after the date hereof, I undertake to consult a medical doctor to obtain his approval for my continued participation in QuanWessels endorsed exercises and training.

16. In the unlikely event of an emergency, I hereby authorise transportation and licensed personnel to perform any accepted medical procedures on me deemed necessary or advisable and agree to bear the expenses of such transportation or procedures

17. As a visitor, I must faithfully comply with the terms, conditions, rules, regulations as well as safety regulations of the academy. This includes sticking to the performance drill or technique shown which has been scientifically designed to develop your fighting skills/fitness. I further understand that all classes are supervised by qualified personnel and that strict observation of safety regulations will largely prelude the possibility of an accident and injury

 18. DO NOT bring any dangerous materials, drugs, or weapons onto QuanWessels premises, which may put QuanWessels and its members at risk.

19. You may feature in videos and photos taken from time to time of QuanWessels training sessions, which will be published on our social media platforms for marketing and training purposes.