Membership Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: QuanWessels Membership DOES NOT include the use of other Service Provider’s Training Facilities within the Moove Establishment.


  1. Agreement Term – The initial Membership Term on registration is 12 months, during which the monthly (advance) fee will remain unchanged.  The membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis, until such time that a written 30 day notice is received..  

Registration fee will become payable again, should a member elect to rejoin.  

Strategic cancellations, i.e. over December holidays, will attract an additional 7% monthly fee increase.

Membership Fees will be reviewed on an annual basis, whereafter a 10% increase may be implemented.


  1. December Holiday Schedule – QuanWessels will be running a minimised schedule over the December period and will be closed for part of the month, over the South African Christmas holiday (24th December – 1st January). Dates, times, and schedules will be confirmed during November.


  1. Payment Responsibility – Members acknowledge that Quan Wessels only has two payment options, i.e. Monthly Payfast subscription and bulk cash advance payments either 3 monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly (12 months, pay 10 months get 2 months free), payable via Cash, Card or EFT.

Members agree that they are liable for their monthly subscription fees, which is payable monthly in advance, even if you/your child elect not to attend class.  Members thus remain liable for the membership fees over the Christmas and New Years period. 


  1. Payment Failure – Payment failure due to an account being “out of funds”; or (b) a stalled accounts due to an expired card being replaced, will now incur a R300 administrative fee to cover the time and resources applied to recover such outstanding fees, and/or the setting up of a new account.  

Such administrative fee will be added to the 1st payment of the new account or added to the next payment where an account was previously out of funds.

The account payment date will revert back to the original payment date once the initial failed payment has been recovered.


Note: Members are able to avoid the R300 administrative fee, should they timeously notify Quan Wessels Administration of a suspected payment failure or card impending replacement, allowing the team to make necessary provisions and adjustments.  However, failure to do so will attract (in addition to the administration fee) an additional 2% subscription fee increase.


Further Note: Subscription Fees are paid monthly in advance, and therefore Members with outstanding payments will not be allowed to attend class until such times that outstanding subscription fees are settled in full.

It is the responsibility of the Member to provide EFT Proof of Payment of the Outstanding Fees, either submitted to Quan Wessels Front Desk or via whatsapp and e-mail.  Screenshots of Front Desk Card settlements will suffice.

Persistent Payfast payment failures will initially result in the payment term being changed to a minimum 3 monthly cash advance payment.

Further failure will leave QuanWessels Management with no other alternative but to exercise  their Right of Admission.


  1. Pausing of Contracts – Should you have sustained and injury or illness, and your absence is supported by a medical certificate, and expected recuperation will take at least one calendar month, then your membership will be frozen at a monthly rate of R250.

Note: General pausing/suspension for any other reason, other than ill health as explained above, is no longer permitted.


  1. Physical Nature of Classes – Members are made aware of the physical nature of QuanWessels routines, exercises and training. Members are required to be physically and mentally fit to participate in any course of Martial Arts/Workout instruction, and most importantly are free of any communicable/infectious diseases, which may endanger their health or the health of other members.

QuanWessels training will involve sparring and physical contact with others which may result in personal injury (both mental and physical) or even death. 


Participants agree to defend, indemnify and hold QuanWessels and its directors, officers, employees, and other Related Parties harmless from and against any/all actions, suits, claims, demands, causes of action, proceedings, losses, costs, expenses including, without limitation, all attorney fees and disbursements, damages, liability, and fines or penalties, in any way arising out of, or relating to, connected with directly or indirectly, the use of the Premises regardless of whether there is active or passive negligence or fault on the part of the QuanWessels academy, and any other Released Parties.


A member undertakes, should he/she develop any medical problems for whatever reason,  to consult a medical practitioner to obtain an opinion as to whether continued participation in QuanWessels exercises and training is endorsed.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, the member hereby authorise transportation and licensed personnel to perform any accepted medical procedures on them deemed necessary and agree to bear the expenses of such transportation or procedures.

  1. Visitors – All visitors must faithfully comply with the terms, conditions, rules, regulations as well as safety regulations of the academy. This includes sticking to the performance drill or technique shown, which has been scientifically designed to develop your fighting skills/fitness. The visitor further understand that all classes are supervised by qualified personnel and that strict observation of safety regulations will largely preclude the possibility of an accident and injury


  1. Free Open Mat Sessions – The ONLY free OPEN mat sessions are the Friday 16.30pm kids comp class and the Saturday 10am open mat class ONLY.  Any other session where transfer of knowledge occurs, requires a per session payment of R250 drop in rate. A guest must specify which class/es they would like to attend and pay accordingly for the classes before participating in such classes. 

Dress Code: Plain white or QW Gi and plain black or QW No-Gi with full spats compulsory, otherwise uniforms are available for rental on a daily and monthly basis – consult with Front Desk personnel.


  1. QuanWessels Uniform Policy – Members are to adhere to QuanWessels uniform policy in all the classes. Gi classes uniform is the QW white Classic Gi and black QW rash guard and spats to be worn under their Gi at all times. No-Gi classes and MMA classes uniform is QW black rash guard, spats and training shorts. Adherence to our uniform is compulsory. We do offer payment plans for purchases of the training sets. 


  1. Dangerous Materials – DO NOT bring any dangerous materials, drugs, or weapons onto QuanWessels premises, nor store such in our or MOOVE’s regular gym lockers, as such may put QuanWessels and its members at risk. The exception to this, is if as a member you have rented a gun locker from us and store your weapon at all times in the locker rented while on the premise. 


  • Quan Wessels Marketing  – Members and visitors may from time to time feature in videos and photos taken of QuanWessels training sessions, which will be published on our social media platforms for marketing and online training purposes.


* The term ‘fee’ used in the above T&C’s is only applicable to QW students and NOT applicable  to  QW Tennant’s students whom have made use of our online registration platform.


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