We hope you have been enjoying your holidays and feel rested and excited for the new year. We bet you are itching to get back onto the mats, as we are excited to have you back. While you have been resting, we have been working on an updated schedule which we feel will fit all our needs better .The full schedule is below, however, here is a quick look at what has changed.

 We have removed 12pm BJJ classes Mon/Wed/Fri

📝 12pm Tues/Thurs is a competition-based class. All levels are welcome however is it a self-study session. This means that it will be your responsibility to bring the content/concepts/techniques that you wish to work on to this class.

 Added a NO GI Wrestling session at 6am Monday & Wednesday run by Coach JP Buys, which will run parallel to the Muay Thai & MMA classes.

😃 Coach Richie Quan and Coach Chef will be running their classes every morning.

 We have separated the kids and adults class schedules for your convenience. (both below) 

👶 Added a Baby Champs (Ages 3-7 years) class at 3:30-4:15pm

Otherwise, all other classes remain the same. Looking forward to seeing you on the mats next week!
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