It is with great anticipation that we at QuanWessels can finally make this massive announcement that we have been working on in the background for almost a year. QuanWessels Martial Arts will be relocating to MOOVE Motion Fitness Club; just down the road in Sunninghill. This move is the next chapter in the QuanWessels community’s journey; which will see us training in a brand new 2 story world-class facility, embedded in one of Africa’s premier sport complexes.

Artists 3D rendition of new QuanWessels Martial Arts Academy. 

“While we have always had an incredible facility that has serviced our community,” stated co-founder & co-owner Norman “Chef” Wessels. Wessels continued, “We had started to outgrow where we are and began the search for a new location that could potentially carry us for the next 10-15 years in our evolution. That was when we found Moove Motion Fitness Club.”

The new facility will boast 2 brand new shiny sets of Dollamur grey mats with white detailing, totalling 435 square metres. All are situated and surrounded in large open spaces with tons of natural light and nature with our own independent entrance.

Wessels added, “it’s time that our facility matched the world-class coaching and services we already offer.”

While QuanWessels members will not need to become Moove members, they will receive free access to the saunas, steam rooms, lockers in change rooms and plunge pool (adults only).

Some of the features of the new facility:

  • – 2 Floors of Training Space: 
    • Ground Floor 200m2 mats with padded walls
    • Upper-Level 263m2 mats with padded walls
  • – Saunas, steam rooms, plunge pool (makes a great cold plunge in autumn/winter) 
  • – Ample outdoor relaxing space surrounded by nature
  • – Spacious indoor coffee shop & restaurant with free wifi to work from
  • – Zero downtime during load shedding
  • – Secure kids’ play area with childminders open 7am-7pm (for a nominal fee of R190pm. The play area also caters for kids parties and events
  • – Safe & secure above and below-ground parking
  • – Free locker space in the change rooms (just require your own lock)
  • – Outdoor shower
  • – Ice-Bath

QuanWessels has slowly been moving across over the last few months, while our new mats are being delivered and the finishing touches are being completed. We aim to be running classes at the new facility from Monday 24 April 2023.

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